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Naked Wrestler 1&2 African Movie Dvd

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Naked Wrestler 1&2 African Movie Dvd, African Movie Dvd, Nigerian Movie, Format: DVD, Language: English, Country: Nigeria, Genre: Drama. Afro Crafters.


 Pete Edochie, Patience Ozokwor, Nonso Diobo, Chioma Apkotha, Gentle Jack, Rita Tony Edochie


Okoro the naked wrestler is denied to partake in the village wrestling competition because he is not initiated into manhood. Even though he is given a chance to call himself a man by getting initiated, he refused since they are not his mates. The love of his heart Agbomma is forbidden to see him and her fatther has promised to give her away as price for the wrestling match. Will the naked wrestler watch while his most prized possession is given away?