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About Us

We are an independent family business in the United States of America that is making a difference within African Goods and Accessories. Afro Crafters look throughout Africa for the best motherland products that are available to the world market and ship them worldwide.

If there is any product that you may be interested in, irrelevant of shape or size we try our best to get it to you. Most of our goods are handmade so the pieces that you do order are unique and made by genuine African men and women who use this as their source of income.

Most items are available and in stock and can be shipped or air freighted straight away, once an order is placed on our website. Afro Crafters prides itself on sourcing and selling high quality African Products. Period!

Feel the quality, appreciate the beauty and understand the importance.

We are based in Massachusetts USA. Should you want to write to us please feel free to do so with any comments or suggestions, kindly Email Us at or WhatsApp Us.