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9ice Certificate Reloaded CD

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Nigerian Hip hop Music, Nigerian Hip-hop, Hip Hop Music of Nigeria, 9ice Nigeria, Certificate Reloaded By 9ice. Paperback. Format: CD. Genre: Hip Hop. Label: Uba Pacific Music Ltd.


1. Te Pin Pin
2. You Make Me Cry
3. Mio MoMo
4. Yi Bi Odo
5. Food Is Good
6. Women Weed and Wine
7. Talent Deh Waste
8. Little Money
9. I Dare You
10. Same Ni 11. Mo Gbese Le
12. Ganja Man 13. Little Money Remix
14. O Oni Loni Nje 15. Industry
16. Fire Dancer 17. Make Dem Talk
18. Music Daddy

Note: Parental Advisory. Explicit Content