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Beautiful Nubia Fere CD

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Beautiful Nubia Music, Beautiful Nubia Discography, Nigerian Highlife Music. Yoruba Music, Fere By Beautiful Nubia. Paperback. Format: CD. Genre: High life. Label: EniObanke Music Ltd.


01.  Muku - I - Muku
02.  Higher Steps [O Mbo Wa D Ero]
03.  Eleko ’Dere
04.  Ohun Oju Nri
05.  Ife Oloyin [Gotta Tell You]
06.  Onile Ayo
07.  Ikoko Akufo [Lamentation Of A Broken Pot]
08.  Tables Turn
09.  Dear Africa
10.  Mama Agba’s Twilight Treat
11.  What A Day!
12.  Mind Of Your Own
13.  All It Takes
14.  Spirit Of A New Generation
15.  Baba Eledumare
16.  Lamenation Version