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Jesse Jagz Jag Of All Tradez CD

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Nigerian Hip Hop Music, Nigerian Music, Jagz Of All Tradez By Jesse Jagz. Genre: Hip Hop. Format: CD. Paperback. Label: Ahbu Ventures Ltd.


01. Takeover
02. Pump It Up
03. Intoxicated ft.Whizkid,Soul E Baba
04. Jargo
05. Number One
06. Greatest
07. Jesse Swag
08. Sugar Cain Baby
09. This Jagged Life ft.Lindsey
10. Chocolate ft.Munachi
11. My Brother ft.Ene
12. Love ft.Braymo
13. Wetin Dey
14. Inhale Out
15. Shorty
16. Pussy Cat
17. Bend Down Low
18. Nobody Test Me