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Spice Vision Edo Swagger CD

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Nigerian Hip Hop Music, Nigerian HipHop, Edo Swagger Silagbada By Spice Vision. Paperback. Genre: Hip Hop. Format: CD. Label: Top Notch Records Ltd.


01. Who Is Spice?
02. Edo Swagger[Silagbada]
03. Darling ft.Squeeze
04. For Ur Mind
05. Ta Da Ne Gbe[Be Your Brothers Keeper]
06. Break My Heart,ft Lady Fresh
07. Odosa ft.Dowty Ebi
08. Naija Pals
09. Victim Of The Gurl ft.Mclevit
10. Break My Heart Remix,ft.Mclevit
11. Uruhese[Thanking God]
12. Edo Swagger Instrumental

Warning: Parental Advisory: Explicit Content