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The Stormy Seas Part 3 & 4 African Movie Dvd

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The Stormy Seas Part 3 & 4 African Movie Dvd, African Movie Dvd, Nigerian Movie, Format: DVD, Language: English, Country: Nigeria, Genre: Drama. Afro Crafters.


Gloria Bamiloye, Wole Olayele, Lekan Asikhia and Others

Synopsis:  This family went through the storms of life and reveals the pitfalls and temptations that is in the pathway of every Christian. After one crisis is over another one comes, and after that one is over yet another. Will this family be able to join forces and fight off the evil that is bent of destroying them - There are many lessons in this movie for even the strongest and most faithful follower of the Christ. This movie reveals the temptations that are common to man. Watch and see if they will prevail.